Episode 137: The rambling continues

Back from Gotham and certain celebrations, Gary joins Jonathan in the Gershwin Room to discuss the newly released Tiptree shortlist, Hugo nominations, and to start what will be a continuing discussing of grimdark fantasy. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

4 thoughts on “Episode 137: The rambling continues”

  1. I’ve got two novels in the ballpark of “Secret Dubuque novels” for you!

    Lyda Morehouse (under her pen name Tate Hallaway) recently wrote a “Secret Pierre County South Dakota novel” : Precinct 13

    Also, Doyce Testerman recently wrote a “Secret American Midwest novel”: Hidden Things.

    (I’m acquainted with both writers, which is why I am able to speak to this obscure point :) )

  2. The joke on Community about Troy thinking Game of Thrones is actual European history was… a joke.

  3. Yep, it’s important to Troy’s character that he is both a bit thick and not good at distinguishing fiction from reality. His best friend, Abed, also has trouble distinguishing the two, but in Abed’s case it’s because he prefers fiction and is smart enough to find elements of fiction in everything he does.

    On the issue of sequels: I’ve been saying for a decade that the ending of The Lord of the Rings sets up a series of “Eowyn and Faramir: Monster Hunters in Love” adventures that Tolkien was not commercialized enough to follow through on. Probably for the best, all told.

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