Episode 142: After an unexpectedly long hiatus, a return!

After an extended break caused by travel and illness, our intrepid science fictioneers return to the Waldorf Room to continue their ongoing discussion of the science fiction field. There’s every chance that some week now they’ll find something new to talk about, but until now the old topics of awards, anthologies, conventions, and stuff will have to do. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast! More next week, we promis

2 thoughts on “Episode 142: After an unexpectedly long hiatus, a return!”

  1. Lovely to see a new podcast show up from the Mullahs. Frankly, I don’t care what the topic is – it’s always an interesting conversation. Re: the discussion about different types of readers – I have always considered myself a science fiction reader, but I enjoy fantasy as well, and a look back through the books I’ve read in the past few years shows a pretty good balance between the two. I’ve read both Under My Hat and Edge of Infinity, and enjoyed them both equally.

  2. Great to hear you guys again after your hiatus!

    I do think the field and readership has atomized, or at least the various magazines and anthologies have. Instead of a broad, unified pangaea of genre, we have islets of subgenres, some of which are pretty far from each other–like Jonathan’s example of the Beagle and the McAuley being in the year’s best.

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