Locus Awards go to Neptune – The Pat Cadigan Edition

EDGE OF INFINITYThis morning while I slept a group of people, sartorially garbed in bright Hawaiian shirts gathered at the Best Western Executive Inn in Seattle, Washington for the annual presentation of the Locus Awards.

I am delighted to report that beautiful and wondrous Pat Cadigan’s fantastic story “The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi” won for Best Novelette (she’s expanding it into a novel!), while Edge of Infinity picked up the gong for Best Anthology. I love this book a great deal and I am incredibly happy that it won and that Pat won. My congratulations to her, and my sincere thanks to the Solaris team of Jonathan Oliver, Ben Smith, and Michael Molcher, who all worked incredibly hard to make the book a success, with a special thanks to Adam Tredowski for the fantastic cover. If you’re a member of LonestarCon you can read the book as part of the Hugo packet, but it’s out in the world in all sorts of places.

In addition to thanking all of the authors, my wife and family, my spectacular agent Howard, and Solaris, I want to thank Liza Trombi, Fran, Kirsten and the Locus family who support me so well, and who do a great job with the awards. I can’t wait to see the plaque when it gets here.

Finally, an enormous congratulations to all of the Locus Awards recipients on their wins! A fine bunch, and one I’m proud to be part of this year.

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  1. It is such a worthy book and I was so happy when it was nominated, much more so now that it has won the anthology award this year. Very cool to see Pat Cadigan win too as her novelette kicks off the book so strongly. Will be fun to see how this expands to a novel. Congratulations Pat, Jonathan and the Solaris team.

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