Episode 159: Live with Kij Johnson and John Kessel

At the recent San Antonio WorldCon, Gary was joined by special guest co-host Kij Johnson and award-winning author John Kessel (both long time friends of the podcast) to discuss the works of the late, great Alfred Bester.

Our sincere thanks to both Kij and John. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

One thought on “Episode 159: Live with Kij Johnson and John Kessel”

  1. Great episode!

    The Silverberg volume was originally published as Robert Silverberg’s Worlds of Wonder and is now known as Science Fiction 101. Yes, a great book.

    I’ve long preferred Stars to The Demolished Man for a simple reason of story logic. The challenge of The Demolished Man, for the detective Powell, is to prove that Reich committed the murder using evidence that will stand up in court. But eventually, and for no compelling reason in the text, Powell abandons that quest, and the novel sort of goes off the rails at that point. But everything you-all said in its praise is completely accurate. It’s a really good book, and if the plot had hung together better, it would be a great book.

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