Episode 187: On the perception of SF today and some rambling

It’s been a while since our two intrepid podcasters journeyed together to the Gershwin Room high above the Coode Street Motel Six to ramble over an early morning cup of coffee and late evening glass of wine, but with little else to discuss that is just what they did.

In a rambling discussing they touched on how science fiction is perceived today, whether the views of an author should impact on how you read their written work, awards (of course), and what they mean by ‘of this parish’.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.  We’re still setting the schedule for the next few weeks, but expect to hear from Joe Abercrombie, Anne Leckie, Jeff VanderMeer, and others.

2 thoughts on “Episode 187: On the perception of SF today and some rambling”

  1. For me, I enjoy the show as it is. The “rambling” is enjoyable. If it were a slickly produced show, I wouldn’t enjoy it a fraction of what I enjoy it now.

  2. I find the show quite enjoyable as it is. I sounds like two friends talking to us and inviting us in on the secrets of the sf universe.

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