Episode 277: Books we’re looking forward to…

We nearly did it. We nearly stayed on topic…

This week, we reminisce briefly about six years of the Coode Street Podcast (an anniversary we overlooked a few weeks ago), and then segue, after a few brief diversionary rambles, into a discussion of the books we are both looking forward to in the next six months or so, touching upon new books by Angela Slatter, John Crowley, Peter Beagle, Jeffrey Ford, Kameron Hurley, Alastair Reynolds, Ursula K. Le Guin, Christopher Priest, Yoon Ha Lee, Connie Willis, Ken MacLeod, Nisi Shawl, China Mieville, Michael Swanwick and others, along the way touching upon colonialism and culture, the role of the stand-alone novella, how contemporary writers are dealing with Lovecraft, and what anthologies to look out for.
As always, we hope you enjoy the episode. Next week, a new episode of the Coode Street Roundtable and a new episode of the main show.

One thought on “Episode 277: Books we’re looking forward to…”

  1. A copyright note: All of Robert E Howard’s stories that were published in his lifetime are in the public domain in the US and EU in their original written forms. (Also, most or all of the WEIRD TALES stories are PD because the copyrights weren’t renewed after 28 years; this is what allowed Karl Edward Wagner to publish three volumes of unedited Conan stories in the 1970s.) There are tricky questions of trademark active, but a careful writer could publish genuine Conan stories if she wanted.

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