Any other Thursday

Jonathan StrahanToday has not been a day of focus. Woke at 4.30 am, which is becoming more and more common, and then dealt with editorial and other emails before heading to the day job which was annoying without being terrible. I have started when we’ll start coronavirus precautions but no sign yet. Lots of announcements and exhortations to wash hands, but nothing else.

This weekend will be pretty social, which is nice. Keen to undo the lack of social contact with old friends, so the weekend will kick off with seeing Keira before a Cat Valente book signing on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. I need to find some time in there to get on top of work, including reading and editing some submissions and maybe finally writing some proposals. Perhaps time to dig out the ‘to do’ software and make some lists.

I’ve actually been reading quite a bit, which you can see from my Goodreads page, but not enough SF or F really. In fact, mostly the Adrian McKinty ‘Sean Duffy’ novels James Bradley recommended during his flying visit in February.  I seem to have inhaled them and am currently reading Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly (another lifted Tom Waits lyric) while thinking I should be reading something else.

Two anthologies fell through my inbox this morning:  Ann VanderMeer’s second X-Prize book, Avatars Inc., which has an impressive table of contents, and Europa28: Writing by Women on the Future of Europe, from the fabulous Comma Press, so maybe they’ll drag me back to the fantastic. Who knows?