Friday morning coming down

Woke to the sad news that ICFA 41 has been cancelled, that the Australian cricket team will play New Zealand will play to empty stadiums, and that the Australian F1 has been postponed. Sensible decisions all, but my thoughts go out to everyone at ICFA (for whom this could be an existential threat), to everyone who has lost money on the trip, and to all of the small business owners and staff who no doubt have lost income and possibly jobs. Strange, challenging times.

Happier news is that Kristina Ten’s story, “Tend to Me”,  has been published at Lightspeed. Kris is one of the mighty Clarion West class of 2019 who have been selling stories all over the place lately and making Jack Dann and me incredibly happy.

Today is finishing binge reading the “Sean Duffy” novels, spending a little time doing some editing Miss 18 gets to work, seeing KJ for beer(!), and wondering if the world is ending. Stay safe and healthy out there, people.