Later in the evening, Friday, sometime during the pandemic

No reading yet. A long-ish feeling day at the day job, aware of other tasks to be settled. Home, tired and underslept, but took the family out for an okay pasta dinner in the nearby Swan Valley. Meniere’s played up mightily, but that’s probably self-inflicted. Made me think of heading for bed early, but instead…

Watched the second episode of season 2 of Ted Lasso, the most relevant TV show of the moment, which was fucking delightful, then a bit of Schmiggadoon, before sitting down to a dram. Opened a new Calvados cask-finished Kilchoman. Young with all that brings with it – a little punchy, very strong on the nose, but you can see how it might mellow down, how the citrus might settle and balance a little, and how a strong, underpinning sweetness might make this smoky beast some very pleasant drinking indeed.

Current plans for this weekend are: a lot. Let’s see how those play out. Editing to do and I do wonder if Thursday’s second Pfizer shot my catch up with me. We’ll see.

ETA. I’m thinking about space opera and how we view it now. Has it changed? That, and who is missing from the Library of America’s science fiction shelf. I have thoughts.

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