Thursday after, during the current pandemic…

What a discombobulated day today has been. This is the fourth day of painting, the second day staying in a hotel, and the second day off work. All is in chaos, though that overstates it. The painting looks great, but smells less great. The mess is all-pervasive because there’s painting done here and there, and the re-ordering will go on for some time, but it’ll have been worth it. Especially if we can get phase 2 and 3 under way. That’ll be up to me and Marianne, because it involves both deciding on a patio option and hoping we can get it done before the summer, and deciding on colours and designs for the family room. Essential, though.

If we can do this, it’ll be a big step forward.  In the meantime, I’m not reading at all beyond a submission or two. I have done a pile of edits, which are good, but have paperwork to do, which is less good. And I’m hoping to steer us through to other side and to some relative calm.

All in all, the second year of the latest pandemic has been hard, but having set aside any plans at all for travel makes it easier to focus on other plans, I suppose. So it goes.

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