Mini adventure

Last Tuesday I arrived at Perth Airport, ‘fresh’ from a really enjoyable trip to the United States. During the two weeks I spent in Chicago and San Francisco, I got the chance to renew old friendships and make new ones. I got to enjoy Chicon 8, to see a bit more of Chicago, and basically to remind myself, after three years at home, what it is to be away. It was a special joy to spend time with Ellen and Gary. I wasn’t in the best of health in San Francisco — something hit me hard that had me wheezing and coughing — but I feel like I’m slowly rebounding. I also got some new sekrit news (which is always fun to have).

I’m still spinning my wheels, as I have been all year, but I’m determined that this week will see me actually write new book proposals, keep my promises to people on book-related stuff, and maybe even make some time to work on my taxes. First, though, something also long overdue. This morning Marianne and I are driving down to Yallingup for a quick two-night stay. It’s Marianne’s first time out of town since before the first lockdown in 2020 and it’s our first time away as a couple since 2014 (and only the fourth time since 2000). A good chance to reconnect. The plan is to simply relax, so I’ll be mostly offline, I think, while away.

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