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Lou Anders and I delivered our fantasy anthology, Swords and Dark Magic: The New Swords and Sorcery to HarperCollins in New York several weeks ago. We needed to finalise a few details first, but we’re now ready to announce the final table of contents for the book.

  1. Introduction, Lou Anders & Jonathan Strahan
  2. “Goats of Glory”, Steven Erikson
  3. “Tides Elba:  A Tale of the Black Company”, Glen Cook
  4. “Bloodsport”, Gene Wolfe
  5. “The Singing Spear”, James Enge
  6. “A Wizard of Wiscezan”, C.J. Cherryh
  7. “A Rich Full Week”, K. J. Parker
  8. “A Suitable Present for a Sorcerous Puppet”, Garth Nix
  9. “Red Pearls: An Elric Story”, Michael Moorcock
  10. “The Deification of Dal Bamore”, Tim Lebbon
  11. “Dark Times at the Midnight Market”, Robert Silverberg
  12. “The Undefiled”, Greg Keyes
  13. “Dapple Hew the Tint Master”, Michael Shea
  14. “In the Stacks”, Scott Lynch
  15. “Two Lions, A Witch, and the War-Robe”, Tanith Lee
  16. “The Sea Troll’s Daughter”, Caitlin R Kiernan
  17. “Thieves of Daring”, Bill Willingham
  18. “The Fool Jobs”, Joe Abercrombie

While  there’s always someone else who could be in a book like this, we’re delighted with the quality of the stories we received, grateful to the authors for being involved and to our publisher for supporting the book.  It’ll be out next July and is fabulous!  Oh, and there’ll be a limited edition done by Subterranean Press too, which should be awesome in its own right.

ETA: And Lou’s announcement is here.

6 thoughts on “Swords and Dark Magic table of contents”

  1. Wow. Let me say that again. Wow. That is quite a collection of writers you guys have assembled. My smile kept growing wider as I read each author’s name as some of my all time favorites are there. I was already sold on the book before the table of contents was announced based upon your names alone, but this is the icing on the cake. Now I have to get the Sub Press limited edition too! I look forward to reading this book next year.



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