Getting ready for San Jose…

The countdown is well and truly on.  Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, I head out to Perth Airport and begin then big World Fantasy Adventure for 2009. For those who don’t already know, I think World Fantasy is the best, most fun convention on Earth.  I haven’t been to every convention, and friends certainly say good things about Readercon and ICFA and other places, but WFC is the one for me.

The trip will start at 9.00am with a flight to Sydney. I will, of course, mean to blog a lot about the trip and to take photos. I definitely will mean to.  Based on previous experience, though, you might get one or two posts from airports and such, but not much more.  And, unless I buy a camera in the duty free area at Sydney Airport on Wednesday, the only photos will be taken using Photobook on the Macbook, but who knows?  I’d like to do more.

The plans right now include going to Nick Stathopoulos’s ‘Toy Porn’ art exhibit in Sydney, sharing a flight with Cat and Sean to San Francisco, and then dinners, parties and all sorts of things in San Jose.  Should be awesome.

I should add that I’m away until Wednesday, 4 November.  What that means is that I will pay at least cursory attention to email and so on during that time. I am sorry about this, and will check in daily for urgent stuff, but essentially I’ll be gone for the week.