Episode 84: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Elizabeth Hand

This week Elizabeth Hand joins us to discuss her two new novels, Available Dark and Radiant Days, as well as much more. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

4 thoughts on “Episode 84: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Elizabeth Hand”

  1. Great podcast, as always.

    Liz Hand, who sounds like a lovely person, sounds like a writer I might not have the tools or knowledge to really “grok”. This inspired a meme I posted on twitter to the effect.

    I might not be enough of a creative to understand all of the allusions she uses, from the sounds of it. (Even if I am a 6th rate amateur photographer)…

  2. Really enjoyable podcast; Elizabeth hand is an excellent guest.

    In the vein of mockumentaries about the history of flight, not to mention film/photography, I highly recommend Forgotten Silver by Costa Botes & Peter Jackson (yes, that Peter Jackson). Just delightful. It was originally showed on NZ television in a documentary slot which caused no small amount of confusion.

  3. Not so much a comment about this episode, as I am still twenty-odd episodes behind, but on the podcast in general. If you meander over to my blog, you’ll see an entry “2012: The Year in Shorts”. I’ve been averaging 2-4 short works a night, inspired by the comments and discussion on the New Wave, women in SF, and more that have filled past episodes. Rambling? Phah. Masterclass discussions of my favorite stuff.

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