4 thoughts on “Episode 84: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Elizabeth Hand”

  1. Great podcast, as always.

    Liz Hand, who sounds like a lovely person, sounds like a writer I might not have the tools or knowledge to really “grok”. This inspired a meme I posted on twitter to the effect.

    I might not be enough of a creative to understand all of the allusions she uses, from the sounds of it. (Even if I am a 6th rate amateur photographer)…

  2. Really enjoyable podcast; Elizabeth hand is an excellent guest.

    In the vein of mockumentaries about the history of flight, not to mention film/photography, I highly recommend Forgotten Silver by Costa Botes & Peter Jackson (yes, that Peter Jackson). Just delightful. It was originally showed on NZ television in a documentary slot which caused no small amount of confusion.

  3. Not so much a comment about this episode, as I am still twenty-odd episodes behind, but on the podcast in general. If you meander over to my blog, you’ll see an entry “2012: The Year in Shorts”. I’ve been averaging 2-4 short works a night, inspired by the comments and discussion on the New Wave, women in SF, and more that have filled past episodes. Rambling? Phah. Masterclass discussions of my favorite stuff.

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