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So, I have a new podast….<g>   I want to say I didn’t mean to have a new podcast, it wasn’t my idea and so on, but it was. As long time readers and listeners will know, I’m part of the Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth reading group.

About a month ago I was talking podcasts with Ian Mond, who is also part of LSSOE, and we discussed how the one problem with the group is that we never really get to discussing what we’re reading with one another in a meaningful way. I said we should do a podcast once a month and that it should be of one work only (a collection, a magazine, something), that way we all would have read it.

I liked the idea so much I almost just launched it as my own podcast, but I began to think it would make sense to actually do it with Last Short Story, so I proposed it to the group. And everyone liked it. Yay. I was ready to go. Less yay. Everyone in the group was busy and they thought NEXT year was a great time to start.

I agreed, but I’m always impatient when I have an idea I like so I went back to Ian and started talking about it some more. After a little discussion we decided to record a pre-season for the podcast. A set of monthly podcasts that would come out every four weeks, that would let us test and develop the format, and that would set the ground for the full podcast when it happens in 2013. This sounded like fun and scratched my itch to do something now.

And so, last weekend Ian and I sat down and recorded Pre-Season Episode 1 of Last Short Story, where we discuss the August issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. I’m including the podcast in this post as a sample. I won’t be repeating this as I don’t want to double up subs with The Coode St Podcast. If you like it you can subscribe here! Next month we plan to discuss Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling’s new anthology, After.


5 thoughts on “Last Short Story podcast”

  1. Sf Crossing the Gulf (Chiang, Egan) and Sffaudio (Lovecraft) podcasts have done some short story discussions.

  2. Good introductory episode, but I wonder if Jonathan is contractually obligated to mention “The Cold Equations” in each season and each podcast… ;)

    The story sounded more “Campbellian” in tone. Or maybe “Clementian”. Basic Hard SF. Which is much wider than just “The Cold Equations”.

    Theme song…the next quest!

  3. Just wanted to voice my support for the format. I actually went and checked out Mantis Wives, I have never really done that with reading LSSOE. Not enough time to really read through the reviews. So you have one subscriber here at least.

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