Everything in its right place

The winner of the 2006 Arthur C Clarke Award has been announced. Out of a field of terrific books, the judges have chosen to present the award to Geoff Ryman for his novel Air. While I like almost everything on the shortlist, I’m particularly pleased Ryman has won for his astoundingly wonderful book. You haven’t read it? Go, now, buy a copy. It comes from the quietest part of the bleeding edge, but is essential science fiction nonetheless.

Oh, and before I forget, can we also give it up for Gordon Van Gelder, who I believe was the original commissioning editor for the novel. He did some great work for St Martins.

One thought on “Everything in its right place”

  1. It’s truly good to see an outstanding novel get the abundant recognition that it deserves. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Nebula award to fall to Air, as well, which may muffle the loud applause I’m now giving Gordon Van Gelder a bit. (Apparantly not. Family now arriving to see why I am applauding all alone in my study. But then they all loved Air, so I should have a reasonably easy time explaining.)

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