The New Space Opera

The New Space Opera

Late last year we began to discuss the cover options for The New Space Opera, the anthology that I’ve co-edited with Gardner Dozois for HarperCollins. Harper in the US were interested in using some very cool astronomical art, which would have been fine. But, around the same time I got a call from Stephanie Smith at HarperAustralia, who asked who they should use for the cover. I recommended Stephan Martiniere, who is probably the best big spaceship guy out there right now. Stephanie looked into it and said Stephan was going to do it, and then Harper in the US decided they’d use the same cover, which was great. I got a first look at Stephan’s remarkable artwork earlier this year, and at the US design a little while ago (see their design below). Here’s the Australian version, which I think totally rocks! Many thanks to Stephanie, who made it all happen, and to Stephan for doing such a great cover. I really could not be happier with it.

11 thoughts on “The New Space Opera”

  1. I like the Australian design a little bit better, especially since it shows off more of Martiniere’s art.

    Any word on if the SFBC will be optioning the book? I’d love to have it in hardcover.



  2. Can I just say a) that cover is really stunning, and b) I’m soooo pleased there’s a story there from Tony Daniel. It was a crime that he wasn’t able to finish the Metaplanetary trilogy – I suppose it’s his fault that a duology turned into a trilogy, but anyway. Sad.

    When’s the Aussie one coming out?

  3. No word on an SFBC edition of the book, Chris. Given the timing, I’d guess we might have heard by now, were that happening.

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