Sunday morning

I suspect girliejones would find this mildly unbelievable given her own deadline situation, but I’ve been struggling to focus on editing work this past while. I got to the end of a large batch of copyedits and so on, and then I just sort of went south. I know there’s work to do – I need to get some contracts out to people, focus on a couple projects which need nudging along, and I have to do a lot of reading. I just don’t feel…motivated. I’m drifting. Still, the girls are out at a birthday party today so my plan is to record the podcast this morning, then do the contracts and other paperwork that’s sitting around and then get on to Locus editing. When that’s done, I might ponder proposals I think.

I’ve also, again, been pondering World Fantasy. If anything I feel less like going than ever. I still won’t decide until WorldCon, but the cost balanced against the number of stopovers etc really doesn’t inspire me to do it. I would normally have spent some time in Oakland with Charles but, while I know I’m welcome and have friends there, it’s just not the same. I used to arrive and just collapse. Charles and I would sit around and talk for days and not do much else.  That’s not an option any longer so I do need to ponder. Anyhow, podcasting next….

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