Swancon is coming…

Well, dear readers, I’ve been a terrible correspondent again. Various minor flu-like ailments have struck down the family, and I’ve been pre-occupied with delivering the manuscript of my young adult anthology Under My Hat to Random House. Between that, Twitter, and recording the podcast I seem to have lost the impetus to blog.  It means I didn’t tell you about inhaling three seasons of Castle, reading Sean Williams and Garth Nix’s very entertaining Troubletwisters, getting into the new Decemberists or Ron Sexsmith albums, the 1st ep. of Game of Thrones, or so much more.

I touched base to mention the happy Aurealis, Ditmar, Tin Duck, Chronos, BSFA and Shirley Jackson awards news (short version: *very* happy), but didn’t mention other bits and pieces.  I certainly didn’t mention a whole bunch of good reviews (I’d meant to) like this one from Jason Nahrung for Engineering Infinity, The main thing happening now, though, is Swancon. I’m happy (delighted!) to be an invited guest. I’ll be easier to find at Swancon than ever before, and am on more program items than I think I’ve ever been at a Swancon. So please come to the con, have fun, and if you’re interested come see me. Here’s my schedule:

Thursday 21 April
8.30pm: Panel -Writer/Editor/Reader Relationship (w/Ellen Datlow)

Friday 22 April
9.30am: Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth (panel)
3.00pm: Mega Podcast – Read/View or Die (recording live)

Saturday 23 April
8.30am: Breakfast with Editors (w/Ellen Datlow & breakfast!)
10.30am: Social media for Writers (panel)
11.30am: How to Judge a Book by its Cover (panel)

Sunday 24 April
10.30am: Casting Your Pod (panel)
2.00pm: Sean Williams (interview)
4.00pm: Remembering Eidolon (panel)