Episode 117: Live with Kathleen Ann Goonan

Cover of Angels and You Dogs by Kathleen Ann GoonanThis week we were joined in the Waldorf Room by Campell Award winning author Kathleen Ann Goonan, where we discussed the future of science fiction, teaching SF, nanotechnology, women writing hard science fiction,  her new collection Angels and You Dogs, the Nanotech Quartet, and her most recent novel, This Shared Dream.  As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

2 thoughts on “Episode 117: Live with Kathleen Ann Goonan”

  1. I’ve been listening to your podcast for about a year. I enjoy it very much. Thanks for all of the shows and great guests.

    However, a recent comment (episode 117) from Gary Wolfe (and he has made similar comments in the past) raised my hackles enough to post a reply here. I know it seems incredibly quaint to some that there are current citizens of the United States who believe in supernatural realities like God, angels, or miracles. But I can assure you that there are such and that many of these people are intelligent and educated. I believe in the existence of God and such, and am personally pursuing a Phd in philosophy. In my local faith community we have people who are doctors, computer technicians, and engineers. Moreover, some of these people actually enjoy science fiction and other speculative fiction. I’m sure that we (those who believe in the supernatural and are intelligent and educated) might be in the minority in the “community” that Jonathan and Gary speak so much about, but we do exist and would appreciate not being referenced in such a snide way.

    I hope the tone of this email does not sound “snippy”. I just thought you should know that you have at least one regular listener who fits this bill.

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