What a busy weekend! A pleasant couple of hours at The Flying Scotsman with KJ turned into an even more pleasant evening at home. Saturday was all about getting daughter to WAAP and then meeting up at Stefen’s Books for a terrific Cat Valente signing (with additional reading from Space Opera by Cat and Heath Miller). I’m guessing there are still signed copies of Cat’s books, so get in touch!

Sunday and the now traditional Coffeepool Karaoke where Miss 19 and I (joined this week by Miss 18) headed out to Yahava in the Swan Valley to pick up coffee and spend time singing loudly in the car on the way there and back, before Miss 18 and I met up with Cat for lunch at Clancy’s Fish Pub. A great time, and Cat managed to completely turn Miss 18s world on its end regarding Antigone. Great stuff.

And then back to the world. No reading done and lots to do. Busy!

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