At home

This morning feels like a million years ago. Had a fairly solid night’s sleep and woke around 5-ish. Daughter was awake so we went down to Mt Lawley to get the mail before home for me, at least to the day job. While daughter had issues with a film project that caused her great anxiety, I tried to work and focus, which was challenging. Was going to watch cricket after but rain delays in Sydney stopped that. And then the car had issues. Can’t close or lock the front door, so now waiting on repair folk. I am, as they say, getting too old for this shit.

In SF, very sadly got news that Suzy McKee Charnas died. I didn’t know her well, but she was smart and tough and funny and wrote wonderfully. She’ll be missed. I did get a contract for a book in the email, so I need to look at that. All in all, not an easy day, but probably one that won’t stand out in memory.