Weekend of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth

On paper, it was a good weekend.  Saturday I took the youngest out to Costco to pick up some things for her short film shoot that’s happening next week. We then stopped at Whisked the Right Wei, one of the better patisseries in Perth, and got coffee at a Kwik drive-through. I then took the eldest daughter out on our regular carpool karaoke trip to Yahava Koffee in the Swan Valley. Saturday evening was fairly quiet, with me watching a little bit of Fleishman is in Trouble and reading more of Emily Tesh’s Some Desperate Glory.

I was up fairly early on Sunday. Not as early as Marianne, who drove the youngest around to do more film shoot prep. I was out at Clancy’s Fish Pub by 9.15 am for a regular meet-up with my dear pal Richard, and then home by noon, to take M and the eldest out for lunch in Guildford (at the Guildford Hotel). Then home and back out again to the Civic Hotel to see Amanda, Dave, Karen, and Chris for drinks. Dinner was a quick barbecue, it being well into barbecue season. Hit the sack at 9 pm, but was awake by midnight, so not sleeping well.

I remain unfocused, but I need to address that.  There are some underlying health concerns I need to address, but for the moment socialising overwhelmed work this weekend. As for the week ahead, I need to seriously start on the Tachyon anthology, edit a novella, deal with the day job, and do some other stuff too. Oh, and get a haircut.