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I see that there are all sorts of rumours flying about travel restrictions for folk headed to the US in the wake of the latest terrorist event.   Further attempts to ensure passenger safety are understandable, though it’s hard to see how some of the measures will help things.  My own feeling is that if you can’t take mp3 players, books etc onto the aircraft and if you can’t go to the bathroom during the last hour of the flight, then I’m unlikely to be boarding any US-bound flights for a while.

I don’t plan to head to the US again until October 2010, when I intend to go to World Fantasy in Columbus, Ohio. In all seriousness, I would expect most, if not all, of these new restrictions to have been reviewed by then. If that’s the case, I’ll be in Columbus with bells on. If, however, the restrictions hold it may be some time before I head to the US again.

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  1. I don’t blame you. I have to travel to the UK in July and I’m hoping that all this crap boils down so I can fly unhindered and without those blasted x-ray spec machines looking at my naked self…

    I also feel sorry for all the people who are going to get unofficially racially profiled due to this, since clearly no typical, normal looking white business men are going to be stopped by airport security for inspection at U.S. airports (at least, not for anything other than show).

    I don’t know why they just don’t keep bomb sniffing dogs around. Seems like that would solve most of their problems without having to freak out the world…

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