Russ, reflection and a nice night out.

Self-reflection is a dangerous thing, and the Christmas/New Year period is particularly dangerous time to engage in it. Because I have too much else to do I have, once again, been spending some time re-reading old posts on the blog trying to recapture lost moments and to glimpse once again the mindset I had at a particular moment.

It seems to me that, over the lifespan of the blog, the Christmas/New Year has been an increasingly difficult time as I balance too many commitments with family needs etc. That, in turn, has tended to make me seem gloomier than I am. Also, I don’t blog when I’m having fun. That’s because I’m having fun, which makes sense. It does, though, mean you didn’t really hear about the awesome time I had in Adelaide, how enchanting the little side street alley cafes of Melbourne were, or any of a dozen other fun moments. I’ll try to stop that.

If I hold true to form there will be some year in review posts over the coming week or so, though I’m so scattered right now that I can’t quite imagine what they’ll be. Right now I can’t think of a book of the year candidate or a movie of the year candidate. I have my album of the year, but other than that…

Meanwhile, last night I headed out to Russ and Liz’s place in Greenwood with Alisa K for drinks. Russ was in good form, Liz was a wonderful hostess, I saw some good friends (hi Nick and Amanda), and Alisa and I had fun chatting before she heads off to the blissfully cool wilds of Tasmania for Christmas/New Year. I have no photos of the event, but we drank mocktails, sat outside, nattered and so on. You can probably fill in the blanks. Today, on the other hand, is a day at the day job, then Xmas readiness preparation tonight. Onward, onward!