9 thoughts on “Episode 4: Live with Gary K. Wolfe”

  1. Another lovely podcast gentlemen, thanks! I’ve particularly enjoyed the somewhat “behind-the-scenes” logistics of the publishing/editing business: the stuff about digital copies residing with the publisher, for instance. I’d never have imagined that.

    I also liked the bit about ‘must-read’ lists being entirely personal, depending on what you want to get out of your reading. I’ve been reading lots of pre-WWII genre classics, some of which I’ve enjoyed and some not so much. Thanks to the lists I compiled from people like Gary, Charles, James Gunn and other random sources I’ve found all of them to be illuminating on the way I read the rest of the field–which is what *I* wanted.

  2. Glad you liked the podcast. Happy to chat anytime, though ‘need to talk’ always sounds urgent and worriesome. Remember I’m seven hrs in front of you.

  3. Thanks again, Jonathan, for a wonderful podcast. I’m finding these chats great early morning listening on the commute from one end of Sydney to the other; also very motivating, in a writerly sense. Sounds like you’ve finally nailed the technical side of podcasting with this one, too. The quality was on par with most other (with the exception of the likes of ABC and such) programmes. Both you and Gary are coming through with the same clarity and at the same level. Yay!

    I was excited to hear that there is finally a novel coming from Terry Dowling. Now, that is one for my shopping list. I stumbled across Mr. Dowling at a NSW Writers Center short course, picked up on his work post-that and have been a fan ever since. You also touched on another pet-topic of mine, and one with which Terry is intimately familiar with, the linked-novel. For the last 12 months, I’ve been wanting to corner Terry and pick his brains on the subject, but have had no success (I’ve got my list of questions tucked into my shoe incase I ever bump into him). Now that conversation between yourself and Terry would be one worth downloading.

    Thanks again,

    Jason Crowe

  4. I’m a couple of weeks behind because I’ve just started listening, but I’m really enjoying your discussions with Gary about the industry. It feels like listening to two sportscasters talking about sports, athletes, coaches and managers. I hope you two incredibly well-read guys keep it up. Thanks!

  5. Collected stories, yes!

    Also your archival books – a good example. Deep Navigation from Alastair Reyolds from NESFA. Says 1000 books, never going to be reprinted I think.

    Ebook, that would sell many times 1000 if a bit cheaper, I would think. And for quite some time.

    Now, can you get me my ebook collected Terry Dowling then? :) Speaking of as you mention Sturgeon etc., who have zero chance of being mass market published.

  6. The NESFA books are kept in print. The Reynolds is one of their Author’s Choice series which showcase Boskone Guests of Honor. I think they’re kept in print too, though I’m less sure. It might be worth your suggesting ebooks to them. They certainly do wonderful books. As to Dowling – well, you’ll need to find an ebook publisher. In fact, why don’t YOU become an ebook publisher. You’re definitely an ebook evangelist, so you might be perfect for the job :)

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