Episode 3: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

The third episode in our new (but still continuing!) series of conversations is now live. There are still a few audio hitches that I’m trying to iron out, but all in all, it’s ok.  I did the stereo thing again – it seems to be a default setting – so I’ll work harder on getting you a good old fashioned mono recording next weekend. This time we discuss reviewing, books, and all sorts of other stuff. I did promise to mention any specific titles, but today’s chat is pretty general so there’s nothing specific to mention. Except, oops, The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction, we do discuss that a bit. More next week!

Good morning, one and all. A new podcast with Gary K Wolfe should be out this morning. We recorded yesterday and I’ll get it uploaded after breakfast, with a little luck.  I also was going to post here about the whole idea of no arguing with a book when writing a book review. I intend to do that, but we’ll see. Looking back over the period since I got back from my holidays I realise I’ve not been all that productive, editorially speaking.  My day job is definitely demanding more attention, so too the family, which means my mind is pretty much scattered for reading and the like. I’ve spent a lot of time either watching TV, doing family stuff, or just sort of letting time pass without commenting on it. Trying to get myself together, though. Lots to do this coming month, and no real excuse for not getting it done (also some nasty consequences if I don’t).

I have, as you know, been podcasting. I’m enjoying it. It’s fun and it seems to involve the least amount of preparation of any of the things I’m doing right now, so more of that. There are also a bunch of books I want to read, though I can’t seem to summon up the concentration for that lately. Hmm. Maybe I do need to go and get my prescription looked at.