Episode 41: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

Amongst audio chaos and another mumble about the weather, Gary and I jumped into the Pod to discuss the recently released Clarke and Stoker ballots, Shaun Tan’s Oscar win, community and other bits and pieces. We hope you enjoy this rather rambling instalment…

4 thoughts on “Episode 41: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!”

  1. You can’t stop talking about the weather on the top of each episode now. It’s like your signature. Also it sounds so professional to have a weather report.

    By the way, the snow has begun to melt away a bit here in Uppsala, Sweden, so we have sludge and ice everywhere instead. However, they tell us winter might not be quite over yet.

  2. Points well taken, although as spring works its way into Chicago the weather gets less interesting. We’re likely done with blizzards, probably even with the sort of sludge you mention in Uppsala, and months away from any possible Perth-style heat waves.

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