The weekend…

It was an odd, discombobulated weekend, really.  Other than plans for Friday and Saturday evening, we’d not really worked out what we’d be doing across the three day weekend, figuring as usual that we’d wing it. I intended to get work done, and I did get some of it dealt with, but still have so much to do.

We started early on Friday afternoon getting the girls ready for the evening. Toula was coming over to hang out with the girls, which meant Marianne and I could head over to Kings Park to see Tim Minchin.  It was a fabulous night. The weather was perfect, and we got a decent spot on the lawn near the Pioneer Womens Memorial.  We sat and chatted – I swear we’ve almost forgotten how — then Minchin started and was hilarious, provocative, and interesting. There was an intermission, during which they played Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing on the big screens, and before you know it we were being kicked out for the long walk back to the car to with “White Wine in the Sun” ringing in our ears. Just wonderful.

Saturday started slowly.  There was breakfast and shopping and stuff. I did paperwork while Sophie had a friend over on a play date.  Then mum came over to watch How to Train Your Dragon with the girls, and we set off for dinner at The George with Margo, Lev, Sophie and James. It really was a remarkably enjoyable evening, and if the restaurant never really exceeded adequate, it didn’t seem to affect the evening. We left late — jetlag finally wearing out our visitors — but were delighted we’d had the chance to see everyone.

Sunday was supposed to be my big work day. I’d recorded the podcast with Gary on Saturday, so lots of other stuff to focus on. However, a plan was hatched. We’d all go swimming (Jessica had a lesson, but free swims were on offer), then pick up Keira, grab dim sum, and then head off to the Hyde Park Community Festival. Swimming went well, we picked up Keira (a brief sojourn during which Sophie fell in love with KJs cat), and then headed out for lunch where disaster struck. A careless waiter set an open pot of fresh Chinese tea down on a chopstick, and it overbalanced, soaking Marianne and Sophie in boiling hot Chinese tea.  Both were in shock and both got quite nasty scalds, though not enough to see them headed to doctors. Copious cold water, aloe and other stuff seems to have seen them both right, but it did end the day abruptly.  We had a quiet family movie night together during which we watched a mediocre Barbie film, then bed.

Monday. Definitely work on Monday. That was the plan. I was up at 6.00am and plugged my way through email and a few other issues. The projects on hand are progressing well, though I wish a few other things were coming together a bit better. Post work session we headed off to Hyde Park for wandering, lunch and fun. A mostly decent time was had by all. Got home in time for a bit of r’n’r before Sophie’s drama class.  Tongight: either more Castle or Abercrombie’s The Heroes on Lev’s recommendation. Tomorrow? Back to the office.

Oh, and I continue to dip my toes into the idea of getting back into vinyl for music. Hmm,