5 thoughts on “Magazine thought….”

  1. Of course I’m going to ask you to elaborate at least a bit more on what would make a science fiction magazine interesting to you.

  2. I checked out their site, and — envy! envy! As a big fan of Richard Thompson, Andy Partridge, and Crowded House, I’d love to see those issues. But alas, the create-Paypal-account/steep overseas price business is too much for me. Oh well…. (Maybe I’ll see if Amazon carries it.)

  3. I’m certainly no expert on sci-fi magazines, but from what I’ve encountered, they could certainly use some more chutzpah. They should shed the toady attitude – the “we’re so lucky to have so and so as a part of the community” attitude – and start slinging from the hip. I’d like, for once, to be offended by an opinion presented in a genre magazine. Of course, maybe this type of writing does exist in genre pubs; I just haven’t encountered it.

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