Adelaide again

No photos here. There should be. But, I don’t carry a mobile phone and never remember to carry an actual camera. Still, yesterday morning Marianne and I had breakfast at a little cafe next to our hotel, and then wandered through the markets on Grote St. How come we don’t have these in Perth. The fresh produce was incredible.  There were four cheese stands, three nut specialists, a plethora of astounding fruit and veg stalls, beautiful meat and fish. And the prices! It was so much cheaper. Walking through the market was like a glimpse into another, simpler, better life. After we’d marketed, M & I met up with Dave, Karen, Scott, Justine, Rob, Cat, Simon, and a friend of Dave and Karen’s, who took us to a good dim sum place. Lunch and conversation followed. We then wandered through the Rundle St mall (honestly, just another Australian shopping mall), had a coffee, then back to the hotel. The guy from The Cook and the Chef works here, but we didn’t know (damn you Stephen, you didn’t say), so we’d eaten elsewhere.

Then it was off to the wedding. The Jade Monkey is a cool little performance venue located close to where Sean used to live. It’s very local, intimate, and kind of ‘arts and crafts-y’. The whole feeling was warm and casual, and the crowd seemed to really fit well into it.  We’d barely arrived, when we began to see all of the people who we never see enough of: Nick and Adrian (I’d not met Adrian, but what a lovely guy), Bill and Michelle, Deb and Chris, Marian, Pat, and on and on. This kind of thing can’t happen often enough. Then the bride and groom arrived. She was lovely, he was handsome, and I swear she was giggling through the vows.  After that it was all champagne, conversation and dancing till late. A wonderful wedding.

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  1. The friend was Damian, another pretty well known in the SF community person.

  2. Thanks for that. I knew I knew him, but could *not* remember his name. As soon as I read your comment, I was going *of course*

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