Dick nominees

The administrators of the Philip K. Dick Award have announced the 2007 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees. They are:

  • GREY by Jon Armstrong (Night Shade Books)
  • UNDERTOW by Elizabeth Bear (Bantam Spectra)
  • FROM THE NOTEBOOKS OF DR. BRAIN by Minister Faust (Del Rey)
  • NOVA SWING by M. John Harrison (Bantam Spectra)
  • GRADISIL by Adam Roberts (Pyr)
  • ALLY by Karen Traviss (Eos)
  • SATURN RETURNS by Sean Williams (Ace Books)

I’m incredibly delighted with this list because, first, my dear friend Sean is up for the award (go Sean!) and second, because a book from one of my fave publishers Night Shade. Great news indeed.


I seem to be attracted to series TV at the moment. I finished watching The West Wing over the holiday break, and picked up Damages based on some recommendations. After three episodes, it’s starting to look very good. Of course, there are only thirteen episodes all up, so that’s not going to last long. I also checked out the first two episodes of The Wire, which I’ve heard widely lauded but not seen. Based on those two eps, it looks very promising. I’ll need to check it out some more over the next week before I decide to commit to all five seasons, though.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to run through what books I’ll be working on this year, as opposed to those that’ll be published this year. I know I’ll be working on two books for the indefatigable Night Shade this year: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 3 and Eclipse Two. I’m reading for the year’s best, along with the LSSOE folk. It’s due at the end of October, so I’ve got a bit of time there. I’ve bought the first story for Eclipse Two and am waiting on the deadline for the rest of the stories to come in. It’s due in June, so again all’s well there. I’m also working on Godlike Machines for the SFBC. The deadline is still several months away, but I’ve bought terrific novellas from Greg Egan and Cory Doctorow for that. I’ll also probably start reading for both The New Space Opera 2 and a new project sometime this year. Hmm. There are also a few other things to follow up on. Busy, busy.