EBook Reader

I’m seriously looking for a good, effective ebook reader.  I find myself increasingly being sent more and more PDFS and Word files to read for both year’s bests and to keep up with the field in my responsibilities as Locus’s Reviews Editor.  I read most of the major magazines, many of the anthologies, and a lot of the small press zines onscreen.  While I may prefer it were otherwise, this just isn’t going to change, and is almost certainly going to increase.  The solution seems to be to get a good ebook reader.  This is what I want in an ebook reader:

  • no bigger than a trade paperback
  • not much heavier that a trade paperback
  • good battery life (enough to get from Perth to San Francisco – say 20 hrs)
  • able to handle PDFs, rtfs and Word files well, including text rescaling etc
  • good story (several gig at least)
  • clean, clear screen (not black on grey)
  • affordable (less then $500)

In a perfect world you’d also be able to add notes to files, but that’s not essential.  You can’t get the Kindle here in Australia, and I’m guessing its wireless connectivity would be useless here (even over a local wireless network).  Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?