Sound of summer

I’m taking Christmas off.  I have a handful of editing-type things I should be doing, but with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and now Boxing Day, I’m focussing on the family and taking it easy, so copyedits and lists and all sorts of other things will have to wait till Saturday or Sunday.

Woke up this morning more than somewhat worn around the edges from a very pleasant and relaxed Christmas Day.  The girls came in and we had a snuggle (something that will surely stop soon as they’re both getting to that sort of age), then I was up for breakfast and a nice hot shower (with the stupid water volume limiter removed!!).  And now, I’m listening to the true sound of summer for me: Australia are batting in Melbourne and there’s the constant roar of the crowd in the background while Tony Greig and Richie Benaud talk the day away.  It’s kinda perfect.