Tuesday and Wednesday were quiet days, reading and watching-wise due to work commitments. I did finish reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which I mildly enjoyed. I suspect my reaction to the book has to do both with it being aimed at a slightly younger audience and that I grew up watching Hercules cartoons before moving on to Xena et al, so the whole idea seemed rather familiar. Reports are that Miss 10 is enjoying it greatly, though, so when she’s finished we’ll chat about it.  Other than I read two more issues of Grant Morrison’s Joe the Barbarian, which I continue to enjoy, and caught up with episode 6 of Kelsey Grammer’s Boss. While I’ve been engaged be the series to date, this is where it gripped for me. It was a bit darker, a bit more violent, and certainly more compelling as Kane’s world begins to unravel quite seriously.

Not sure where to next. I have some bits and pieces of TV to watch, a few comics to read, an ENORMOUS pile of books that I’m not looking at, and some other stuff.  I was pleased to see the new issue of Subterranean starting to appear. Bill’s magazine has consistently been amongst the frontrunners for quality fiction over the past couple of years, so more is welcome!

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