Episode 531: On reading and re-reading speculative fiction

Jonathan and Gary are back with their usual laser-like focus on a single important topic–or maybe not. Starting at the recent release of the trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune, which has many of us looking back at Frank Herbert’s classic novel, they touch upon re-reading old favourites, books that are genuinely sui generis and whether they have a lasting influence, other books that caused us to rethink the possibilities of SFF, “classics” or classic ideas that really don’t hold up that well, and of course what they’ve been reading lately and might be thinking about for the Locus recommended reading list, which we’ll both need to start working on in next month.

One thought on “Episode 531: On reading and re-reading speculative fiction”

  1. Slow down, guys. It’s hard to pick up all the titles and author’s names. The beloved St. Louis Cardinals baseball announcer Jack Buck would sometimes even SPELL names for the listener’s benefit.

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