The hole.  I told you about the hole, didn’t I?  How a hole opened up in the backyard some months back, possibly where an old sceptic tank had been? Well, it’s getting filled right now.  It’s effing huge.  Looks like it’s gonna take several cubic metres of dirt to fill.  Near as we can tell they didn’t fill in the old tank at all, so now we just sit back and pour $$s into it until it stops. Yay.

On other news, we bought a lounge suite last weekend. The sofa will be delivered tomorrow, and the rest of it in about a month, which is good.  We, Marianne and I, also went to see Bill Bailey on Monday night and he was hilarious.  Nothing much on the SF front, but that’s fine.  Waiting for news on various projects, but basically head down and working.

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