Episode 175: We return and talk about new books in 2014

It’s been a long time since the last episode. In late November Jonathan and Gary sat down to record a final episode before commencing a lengthy hiatus.  After nearly two months, though, normal service returns!

This week Jonathan and Gary announce the winner and shortlist for the 2014 Crawford Award, begin thinking about Loncon3 (the 2014 World SF Convention), and discuss the books they’re looking forward to in 2014.

Lists will be added, but these are the books Jonathan’s Looking Forward to in 2014:

with a bonus title of The Just City, Jo Walton (Tor, January 2015) which Jonathan thought was coming in 2014 but isn’t.  Gary’s list will be up shortly.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience, thank Cat Sparks for her help during our hiatus, and hope you enjoy the new episode. See you next week when we will be talking to Locus editor in chief Liza Trombi about the year in review!

7 thoughts on “Episode 175: We return and talk about new books in 2014”

  1. Glad to have you Jonathan and Gary back for a new series of conversations, book recommendations, guests, rambles and tirades. As a new listener, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do, so I started with Episode 1 and have been working my way through the program, four or five episodes a week, listening, like Paul Cornell, while I exercise. I’ve started keeping lists of books and authors you talk about, and my summer reading list is already impossibly long. No matter, though. Lists are not obligations; they’re just nice to have around. I read for pleasure, not to fulfill professional commitments, and so I am free to range at will over the entire field. The down side of this is that reading time is always stolen time.
    I do have a question for Gary. As a part-time academic, I’m curious to learn a bit about the academic side of science fiction, SF as a field of literary study. How has It progressed since the 1970s, in terms of the number and kinds of college courses taught, and the interests of professional researchers? If you could spend a few minutes discussing this on a future podcast, I’d be very interested to hear your views. Do you think that genre fiction might be a way to revitalize young people’s interest in literature?
    Keep up the great work, guys. It’s always a pleasure listening to you. And by the way, what has become of those Coode Street tee-shirts?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Timothy, but that question about academics is one I could go on about for far longer than anyone would be willing to listen to. In a nutshell, SF has made a lot of progress in terms of the amount and quality of academic criticism about it, and there are more doctoral dissertations being devoted to it, but it’s still prudent for a graduate student to find a more traditional (read “respectable”) field of specialization, since there are only a handful of universities that would hire someone as primarily a specialist in SF (UC Riverside, U of Kansas, and Liverpool come to mind). Might be a topic for a future podcast, since so many writers now have academic appointments as well.

  3. A slight correction, Alastair Reynold’s ON A STEEL BREEZE won’t be available in the US until June of this year.

    I wish we had a US release date for Stephen Baxter’s PROXIMA in the US. The year long delay between UK and US publication for these authors is very frustrating!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on PROXIMA. I’m off to Amazon to see if it’s available.

  5. First of all I want to thank you guys for all the hours of enjoyment I’ve gotten out of your podcast. I started listening about a year ago so I’m still a bit behind and not until very recently did I listen to this episode.

    I really enjoy Ian McDonald’s books so I’m really looking forward to that Best of Ian McDonald. However, I haven’t been able to find any information at all about it; I wonder if it’s been delayed? Are there any other news about it? (If you talk about it in some newer episode, I’m sorry for the bother, but I did listen to episode 182 with Ian McDonald and Steven Erikson and I didn’t catch any reference to this PS Publishing collection)

    Anyway, I really enjoy your podcast, hope you keep it up!

  6. Glad you enjoy Coode St, John, and thanks for the kind words. I believe the Best of Ian McDonald is scheduled from PS Publishing to coincide with the London WorldCon. It may be there won’t be more solid information for a while, but I’ll post about that if I hear more.

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