And the rest of the day

A bit of a nothing day, in some ways. I did get some domestic chores done, and I made headway on the tax paperwork. There’s nothing untoward there, but it always manages to make me at least mildly anxious. I’ll peck away at it for the next few days and then hand it over to the accountant.

It’s a pity really because it was a lovely day outside. Jessica and I made our weekly trip to Yahava, and it really was heavenly.  But we were home before 10 am so that Gary and I could record the podcast. That was enjoyable, as it always is, but then I settled into the paperwork for four hours or so. Then I made a not particularly great roast chicken dinner before watching an episode of Veronica Mars with Sophie.

I got effectively no reading done today, and no editing. That needs to change this coming week. The goals for this week are to finish the 2020/21 taxes, get the Tordotcom short fiction edited, and clear the backlog for The Book of Witches.  If I can do that, and maybe sketch out some proposals and get some house repairs done, it’ll have been an okay week. Let’s see how we go.  Oh, and with masking changes, I’m back in the office three days a week, and working from home for the other two. That will take some adjusting to.

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