Every week Gary K. Wolfe and I sit down for about an hour to discuss science fiction and other stuff. Sometimes guests join us, and very occasionally, we have special podcasts.

You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, or download episodes directly from here. Here’s a quick list of them all:

54 thoughts on “Podcast”

  1. Much as I enjoy Alistair Reynolds, the sound quality made it very difficult to listen. I presume the problem was with Skype, but it seems to be getting worse. Might I suggest you consider using zencastr ? It records each side locally on their computer, then combines the audio and sends the result to your Dropbox. No mess, no fuss. If everyone is using headphones you get a very nice result. Tests I did on KRAM-StuFf showed the auto level bAlancing produced a result better than hand processing. Seriously good quality without tech farting around. Clear instructions on their website, about ten minutes to setup the first test. Worth a test

  2. Love the podcast

    Bought Astounding and I am really enjoying it

    Loved Gary on History of Science Fiction on TV

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